Functional, health protecting and health maintaining food products


  • Janos Csapo
  • Sandor Nemethy



functional food, prebiotics, probitocs, nutraceuticals, food safety, food enrichment, food supplements, mineral deficiency, vitamin deficiency, flavonoids


Functional foods contain sufficient quantities of ingredients that have a positive effect on life functions, contribute to the prevention of diseases, they have a health-protective effect and overall have a positive effect on the human body. In terms of functional foods, we need to look at what kind of food ingredient is given, what impact it can be expected from such a food, what component it is expected to be, and what the product will be for the consumer. The physiological effects of functional foods, consumer expectations on these foods, processes in which we are preparing functional foods, food safety in relation to functional foods, and statutory regulation should be clarified. Within food production is a new area has been defined, where technology is being developed, its effects are being accepted by buyers and producers and consumers together manage the processes that can be incorporated into traditional food production in a few years. In the first half of our communication, we discuss the basic concepts, and readers will get to know the functional foods produced by food supplements.


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Csapo, J., & Nemethy, S. (2018). Functional, health protecting and health maintaining food products. Ecocycles, 4(1), 73–82.