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1st International Joint Congress

Santo Stefano di Camastra (Italy)
7-10 October 2020
- Second Circular -


Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes in the context of the European Green Deal

On behalf of the ESSC (European Society for Soil Conservation), the EURECYS (European Ecocycles Society) and the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite you to attend the 1 st International Joint Congress on “Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes in the context of the European Green Deal”.

The Congress will be hosted in Santo Stefano di Camastra (Italy) from 7 to 10 October 2020. The objective of the congress is to shed new light on critical issues concerning the exploitation of ecosystem services, conservation of cultural heritage and to assess new perspectives to the future development of the cultural landscapes in the context of the European Green Deal.

The Congress is open to scientists, students, educators, managers, policy and decision- makers. It will consist of invited lectures, scientific sessions with oral and poster presentations, and a scientific and cultural excursion.

Further information on the Congress (registration, logistics, accommodation), will be distributed soon.


The 1 st International ESSC-EURECYS joint Congress is hosted by:


Program at a glance:

DAY Event
7 October 2020 Wednesday afternoon ESSC and EURECYS Council meetings
Welcome Cocktail at the venue of the Congress
8 October 2020 Wednesday morning Registration
Opening ceremony
Invited Lecture
Oral and poster session
Light lunch
8 October 2020 Wednesday afternoon Oral and poster session
Social dinner
9 October 2020 Wednesday morning Invited Lecture
Oral and poster session
Light lunch
9 October 2020 Wednesday afternoon Oral and poster session
Closing ceremony
10 October 2020 Saturday full day Scientific and cultural excursion
11 October 2020 Sunday Departure


Scientific Sessions

The scientific sessions of the 1 st International ESSC-EURECYS joint Congress are organized into the following main topics:

SESSION 1. Linking Europe’s Green Deal to Soil care
  1. A way forward: changing the soil paradigm to spread the soil awareness
  2. Management of soil functions and services
  3. Sustainable Land Management in a changing environment
  4. Soil care and food security
  5. Soil pollution/contamination and remediation practices
  6. Soil carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change
  7. Policies supporting soil care and soil ecosystem services
  8. Actuality of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
SESSION 2. Agriculture and natural resource management
  1. Multifunctional Agriculture
  2. Sustainable agricultural production
  3. Viticulture, sustainable wine production and viticultural landscapes
  4. Food Safety: quality, supply, protection of origin
  5. Management of Natural Resources
  6. Wildlife ecology, forestry and rural planning
  7. Persistent Organic Pollutants: prevention, remediation, mitigation
  8. Water resources: conservation, use and remediation
  9. Effects of climate change on agriculture and cultural landscapes
  10. Geoinformatics and nanotechnology in precision agriculture
SESSION 3. Principles and issues in sustainable regional management
  1. Scenario Analysis: Strategy vs Vision
  2. Cultural web, paradigm and changes of paradigm
  3. Participatory Approach in Regional Planning
  4. Classification of resources and Resource Audit
  5. Strategic Planning and Feedback Mechanisms
  6. How to handle extreme urbanisation and depopulation of the countryside?
  7. Environmental, economic, and social carrying capacity
  8. Benefit of Circular Economy in the environmental management
  9. Natural and Anthropogenic Ecocycles
  10. Waste management: waste to energy systems
SESSION 4. Cultural landscapes and Heritage science
  1. Cultural Landscapes: new concepts
  2. European Landscape Convention: implementation and barriers to implementation
  3. The built heritage
  4. Intangible Cultural Heritage in landscape management
  5. Sustainable tourism and conservation of cultural heritage
  6. Ecomuseums: new concepts in heritage conservation
  7. Preservation vs conservation: re-defining concepts from an evolutionary perspective
  8. Traditional trades and crafts: active conservation of intangible cultural heritage
  9. Landscape Observatories and Decision Support Systems
  10. International organizations of landscape management: legal background and agreements


Early Registration (Before/On 31st May 2020) Regular Registration (Before/On 30th June 2020 Late Registration (After 1 st July 2020) Scientific and cultural excursion***
Regular participant 150€ 200€ 250€ free
ESSC and EURECYS Members* 100€ 150€ 200€ free
Students/PhD student** 50€ 75€ 100€ free
Accompanying person 25€ 25€ 25€ free
Social Dinner 35€ 35€ 35€ free

* Only for those members up-to-date with the 2020 fee.

** Proof of the student status must be provided by a relevant certificate signed by the tutor and must be sent by email to Prof. Giuseppe Lo Papa (giuseppe.lopapa@unipa.it) and in cc to Prof. Sandor Nemethy (sandor@conservation.gu.se) soon after the registration.

Payment of registration fees:

BANK NAME Raiffeisen Bank, Hungary
BRANCH Head Office
BENEFICIARY European Ecocycles Society
BENEFICIARY ADDRESS Matrai ut 36, 3200 Gyongyos, Hungary
ACCOUNT NUMBER (EURO) 01388933 00200003
IBAN (EURO) HU54120320060138893300200003
Description: Please describe the Fee is paid for the International ESSC- EURECYS joint Congress and write your name and surname

The registration fee includes:

Accompanying persons:

The registration fee does not cover hotel accommodation in Santo Stefano di Camastra.

Registration fee cancellation policy:


1 March 2020 Abstract submission Start of online registration and abstract submission
31 May 2020 Abstract submission Deadline of abstract submission
20 June 2020 Abstract submission Confirmation of acceptance and inclusion of abstracts in the scientific programme of the Congress
30 June 2020 Registration fees Deadline for regular registration fee payment
30 June 2020 Registration fees Deadline for cancellation of participation with 80% refund of the registration fee pays (except bank charges)
31 July 2020 Registration fees Deadline for cancellation of participation with 50% refund of the registration fee pays (except bank charges)
31 July 2020 Registration fees After this date, cancellation of participation will not be refunded



Santo Stefano di Camastra has several hotels and B&Bs. A map of the hotel locations and a list with contact details will be available soon on the Congress web site.

Congress address:

Available soon


Parco dei Nebrodi

Comune di Santo Stefano di Camastra

University of Palermo

International Union of Soil Sciences

CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari

World Association of Soil and Water Conservation

International Soil Conservation Organization

Global Soil Partnership

World Agricultural Heritage Foundation

Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences – University of Palermo

Eurosoil 2020

European Commission Erasmus+ Programme

European Confederation of Soil Science Societies

Associazione Italiana Società Scientifiche Agrarie

University of Gothenburg

Italian Society of Soil Science

Italian Society of Pedology

Italian Society of Agricultural Chemistry

Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology

Associazione Italiana di Geografia fisica e Geomorfologia



Public bodies


Non-profit organizations