Ecological cycles are the natural self-regulating processes that recycle earth’s limited resources essential to sustain life. The activities of humankind often disturb these processes, threatening herewith the equilibrium of the living and non-living environment through pollution, over-exploitation of ecosystem services, enhancing climate change, and disregarding the growing ecological footprint of consumption-oriented societies. However, there are smaller, artificial ecological cycles, created by anthropogenic activities, which can be linked to the vast global cycle processes. The Ecocycle Strategy is based on the knowledge and understanding of these processes and is aimed at bringing about a society with non-toxic and resource-efficient cycles through a holistic, inter-disciplinary approach, which includes all aspects of sustainable development. These are based on Earth System Science, applied ecology, the understanding of ecosystem services, not forgetting the social, cultural, and economic dimensions of sustainability. Our Society has been created by researchers, professional environmentalists, social scientists, humanists, economists, and regional developers, who adopt this approach and are willing to contribute with their competences and interdisciplinary understanding to this new development.

Science and Education

Our activities include publication, exchange of information, communication through our blogging site, organisation of events (workshops, conferences), developing education programmes and providing scientific consultation for regional developers, regional and local authorities, companies, non-profit organisations, and institutes of higher education through our international network of experts in a wide range of scientific fields.